An air compressor is defined as a machine that converts power (using an electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine, etc.) into potential energy stored in pressurized air.

In much more gullible words, an air compressor is a device that takes in air at a lower pressure e.g. atmospheric pressure and gives it back to a higher pressure. With all this talk about pressure, you would think that this device can only be used in high-tech facilities by men in lab coats and goggles.

Air compressors have several uses in our daily life ranging from our dirty basement garage to those small things that just make you feel like Doing It Yourself (DIY).


If you’ve worked in a garage before, you would know that there is nothing more annoying than a stubborn, rusty bolt that just won’t come off.


Well, thanks to air ratchet tools attached to air compressors, the process is much smoother. Like many people, I’d rather wash my car in my garage than drive down to Johnny’s Car Wash where I have to pay for my small red 90s Sedan to get a shower but using the small blue bucket at home for washing isn’t really the most efficient of methods.

By using pressure washers which make use of air compressors to deliver the water at higher pressure, I can easily obtain the same result as I would have at Johnny’s.


Applications of air compressors expand further into tires where the air compressor is used for inflating the tire to give our tires that bounce which we all love. For those who are big fans of off-road travel, a tire slipping off the rim is not the newest thing to you.


Thanks to the use of air compressors, the reseating of such stray tires can be done with less hustle than we imagine. For those who are interested in purchasing air compressor, I found interesting reviews on С, where you can choose the right compressor for your needs.


Most people I know love their homes (which is probably why they live there) and they always want their homes to be the most comfortable place they know. It is no secret that our homes get a little bit too warm during summer but thanks to the air conditioner, we hardly notice.

Air conditioners make use of air compression to deliver that cool gust of air we all love. Another use of the air compressor in homes is exhibited through air blower tools which we use for dusting.


In cars, the air compressor is used in air conditioners in pretty much the same way that it is used in our homes.

The air compressor also compresses engine air intake for superchargers and turbochargers, allowing combustion of more fuel in the same sized cylinders for a power boost.


When you’re making shelves for your workshop, you probably need a nail gun. Battery operated nail guns aren’t really the cheapest of tools (nor are they the lightest). Pneumatic nail guns provide a lighter and cheaper solution.

Additionally, since they are used with air compressors, they last longer than batteries. Another DIY tool that makes use of air compressors is the spray paint gun which provides better results in less time and is simply-better that a brush.

With all these applications, it’s safe to say that we are better off with air compressors on our team.