In search of a quality tool for their home, masters often stop at shelves with planes. This is a very useful and constantly used tool: leveling and creating grooves of various shapes. But the most practical option for today is the electric plane: with it, any volumes of wood processing are performed quickly and without extra effort, and the quality of the work performed increases many times.

The Difference Between a Wood Jointer and a Planer

What to look for when choosing?

  1. On the type:
    professional planes are reliable and designed for a long period of use at constant high loads, and therefore are much more expensive than the domestic version;
    household planes are easier, cheaper and are available.
  2. The power of the electric motor. Since the hardness of the wood is different, it is better to have a plane with a power of 600 to 900 W to work with different rocks. This is the optimal range for household use of the plane.
  3. On the number of revolutions. It is necessary to handle the surfaces cleanly and smoothly, and this can be achieved due to the greatest number of revolutions. At home, enough will be 1000 rpm.
  4. Electronic speed control circuit. With its help, rotation occurs at a constant speed, and “acceleration” passes smoothly at the moment of switching on the plane and helps protect the engine from overloads.
  5. For a nice addition – a side limiter. It is he who makes it easy and accurate to make a “quarter” cut which is usually required often.
  6. On the dimensions of the sole. They ensure the stability of the plane during operation. Variants of width and length of the sole can be seen.
  7. The number of handles. For beginners, the only correct choice is a plane with 2 handles, as this improves the accuracy of work and convenience, reduces fatigue.
  8. The ability to set the thickness of chips. This possibility is put in most cases in the second handle with notches, and the best option if the scale has both positive and negative values.
  9. On the material of knives. Here, a more practical option – carbide knives. Steel has to be carefully and accurately leveled, which is impossible without the experience and time.
  10. The reliability of the manufacturer. The tool of firms Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Black & Decker, Skill is checked in practice and well proved in time.

To ensure that the quality of the work plane remains at a high level, you need to configure it. At the same time, the chips that are formed during operation must be continuous and absolutely identical in thickness.

For high-quality removal of chips, you should set the knife with a hammer. Blades on the plane are parallel to the sole or protrude for a few millimeters. Clamping mechanisms are used to fix the knife in the shoe.

When working with the plane, you should stand to the right of the tool parallel to the surface on which work is being carried out. The body part of the body must move with the instrument, while all movements must be equally uniform. One leg is installed in front, so it will be convenient to lean on it during operation. In order for the plane not to tip over during operation, it is necessary to press on its front part at the beginning of the work, and at the completion of planing, pressure is applied to the rear part of the plane.