Depending on the principle of operation, the planes are manual and electric. The first option is easier to use. With it, you can fine-tune the smallest parts with high accuracy. The electric version of this tool is more simple to operate and does not require special efforts in the process of plowing. However, the accuracy of his work remains at a low level. The electric plane is appropriate when there is a need for a large amount of carpentry.

The Best Entry-Level Planers You Can Buy

With the help of a hand tool, the surface becomes smooth, with no roughness or roughness on it. Before work, the tool should be prepared. First of all, it must be properly configured. Before you start, you should study this device. The plane contains parts in the form:

  • the clamping cover;
  • chip chip;
  • handles;
  • adjusting screws;
  • knife;
  • pens;
  • wedge;
  • of the body part.

Among the structural elements of the plane we note:

  • cutter, slot;
  • clamp;
  • chipbreaker;
  • front and back handles;
  • device that regulates the depth of eruption.

The cutter is a sharp steel blade, located above the working surface, at a certain angle.

The cutter extends a certain distance from the body part.

The chipmaker wraps and breaks the shavings. The front and back handles help to perform the part processing. Thanks to the correct adjustment of all components of the planer and their interaction, it is possible to perform carpentry of any complexity.

Which plane is better: the features of choosing a plane for the house
When answering the question how to choose a plane for a house, it is first of all necessary to familiarize yourself with the types of planes, in relation to their design features.

Bosch 1594K Wood Planer Review

Manual jointer

This tool is distinguished by the presence of two incisors. With the help of this jointer it is possible to make the final processing of the tree. This tool allows you to align the plane of large dimensions. On the surface of the shoe is a handle, followed by a cutting knife. The front of the instrument is equipped with a stopper, which weakens the cutter. At the beginning of work with the help of a jigger, uneven and lumpy chips are formed. When the chips get a long shape, the surface becomes flat and the work stops.

Planers face type

This tool has a knife release knob. The design of the plane is stamped, the width of the working area of which is about 4 centimeters. The base of the face plane is in a perpendicular position with respect to the side monolithic walls. Cutters on the face plane are located at a certain angle of twenty-one degrees. In order to adjust the depth at which planing is carried out, an element is used in the form of an adjusting wheel.

Zenzubel or the selector

This tool is also a modification of the plane. The cutter is positioned rectilinearly with respect to the working surface. Therefore, in the process of work, it is possible to select and construct cuts on the surface of the workpiece, folded sections of a rectangular shape. In the process of working with this tool, the quarter marking is made, at the same time, it is possible to get the element in the form of a small ledge. Zenzubel allows you to perform surface finishing.