Swimming pools are entertainment facilities used at home and for commercial services. People construct them at homes to avoid the need to move out for swimming needs. Moreover, at home one can have privacy as well as customized conditions of the pool for maximum satisfaction with family members and friends. As part of above ground swimming pools, chlorine is used to sanitize it.

However, chlorine tablets purchased for pool sanitization is said to be less effective as compared to that produced in the pool by the use of the saltwater system. With the saltwater systems, an electrode in your pool’s plumbing and as diluted salt water is passed through the cell; chlorine is created due to the reaction between saltwater and the electrode.

You eliminate the need to buy chlorine

Using a saltwater system produces natural chlorine. As a result, it saves a substantial amount of cash for the pool owner that could have been spent in buying chlorine tablets, liquid chlorine or chlorine shock.

You avoid manual addition of chlorine to the pool

With purchased chlorine, the pool operator has to add chlorine manually regularly say every week. As such, if the operator is to be away for some time, the pool developed issues by the time the person is back. With a saltwater system for above ground pools, you dial your chlorine production, and it forgets about regular addition.


Eliminate negative effects of purchased chlorine

Production of chlorine using the saltwater system does not have chloramines. Chloramines are responsible for negative effects of chlorine such as red eyes, chlorine smell, and itchy skin. Consequently, by the use of the saltwater system for above ground pool eliminates the effects caused by the traditional methods.

Pool size

Pool salt systems range between 10000 gallons to 100000 gallons. You need to select a salt system proportional to the size of your pool. Large salt water systems can, however, be used with small sized pools. The benefit is that large salt water systems allow you to run the salt system for a shorter duration of time and accompanied by longer time before the need to replace the salt cell.


Some of the features that distinguish the salt water systems are self-diagnostics, self-cleaning, salt readout, among others. As such, consider what features a salt water system has before having it.


The price of salt water systems ranges from $400 to $2000. The more expensive a salt water system is, the more features the system has. The price also differs in based on the ability to control the pool equipment.


Cost of cell replacement

The salt cell needs to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. As such, you need to check the cost of the cell for a system before having it. The cells’ cost range from $200 to $700.

Besides, you need to consider where to get the salt water system for your pool system. Ensure you buy the salt water system from trusted dealer.