Emma Rawlings says

At last, a raspberry that is diminutive yet fruitful and anyone can grow it even in the smallest kitchen garden.


It is very exciting to see a launch of a new variety but to have one that is so different from anything else is a revelation. The fruit is described as the world’s first compact raspberry and not having had a lot of room to squeeze raspberries on your plot I was keen to try this little fruit. ‘Ruby Beauty’ is also thornless and is said to grow to about 1 m (3ft 3in) although mine probably fell short of that in its first season.

It is a multi-branching plant requiring no support although I imagine even at 1 m or slightly taller it might benefit from some string around it in exposed gardens. It is a perfect size however for a container and I grew mine in an old florist bucket, which is sometimes sold in local supermarkets.
In hindsight, this may have been too small (see my conclusions). It is recommended that if growing in a pot you put one plant in a 10-litre size pot or up to three in a 40-litre pot.


Another recommendation would be to grow this raspberry as a hedge, spacing the plants 70cm (27in) араrt. I wonder if it would make a good edging and really like this idea. My only issue is if they create venture and runners on to a neighbors plot.


My co-worker found the same and has now put his in the ground to see how it’ll perform. In hindsight, I think we both likely used a pot that is too small. I did try and keep the plant well watered but this would have impacted the production and there may have been times when it had not been enough.
This would have been less of an issue with a big pot and more soil. I think planting in the open ground would produce the best results so grown as a hedge would be the perfect scenario but if this is not possible a large pot should give decent rewards. If growing in a pot make sure the compost is not allowed to dry out especially at flowering tune. An occasional liquid feed may also help.

I can definitely recommend this variety for those who want to grow raspberries but don’t have the room and the fruit tastes delicious and sweet.

P.S. My plant didn’t produce a lot of fruit but it was well hidden among the foliage.