Hedge Trimmer is a tool used to trim down bushes and hedges. Hedge trimmer are safer and easier to use compared with manual and can prevent achy arms. It can provide you with clean neat and sharp finish to your garden or lawn. Well maintained and carefully trimmed hedges and shrubbery can immensely add to the beauty of a piece of land.

Electric Hedge Trimmers

electric hedge trimmers

Electric hedge trimmer is electricity driven and are relatively inexpensive. They can have built in high powered lithium ion battery which can cost you for replacement. Battery can last from 20 minute up to 60minutes and can take around one hour to recharge. Alternatively, they can have a direct input power cable.

  • Comparatively inexpensive
  • No emissions
  • Comparatively quiet
  • High portability because of low weight and battery use
  • Very Lightweight (typically between five to ten pounds)
  • Can be under powered for heavy use
  • Sufficient for most gardening tasks
  • Can be used almost anywhere (with a charged battery or electric outlet availability)
  • Electric cable can be cut by the trimmer itself (be careful or use power adapter with RCD (Residual Current Device) to prevent an electric shock)
  • Best for occasional cutting
  • Can be dangerous in wet weather

Gas Hedge Trimmers

gas hedge trimmers

Gas hedge trimmer is the most powerful and heavy duty hedge trimmer out there in the market. Gas Hedge trimmer is gasoline powered. If you have to trim and cut down bushes and hedges with fairly large stems and bushes, then the Gas Hedge Trimmer is very convenient.

Here are some of the features of Gas Hedge Trimmer

  • Requires frequent refueling
  • Fueling is comparatively expensive
  • Repair is comparatively expensive
  • Best for heavy duty work
  • It is usually heavy and bulky
  • Better and faster cutting
  • Use it for large gardens
  • It can be very noisy
  • It has high vibrations
  • Can be hard to start the engine
  • Requires more upfront investment
  • No extension cords required

No matter what type of automated hedge trimmer you use, be sure to strictly follow safety precautions to avoid any adverse incident as it has been discussed. The comparison between the gas and electric hedge trimmers will help you to decide which type of equipment is best suited for your requirements.

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 Important Safety Precautions

There are a number of vital safety precautions that is worth mentioning before we go any further will the comparison between electric driven and gas driven hedge trimmers.

For tall bushes and hedges most hedge trimmers can cut hedges of about the chest height but many hedge trimmers come with pole extensions. These extendable hedge trimmers can be more dangerous to operate since the extension can lead to less control over the machine. One important word of warning is that hedge trimmers a can be dangerous at extreme levels. Hedge trimmers are designed to cut through branches almost as thick as an adult human finger.

If carelessly used without following the safety precautions, it can cause severe injuries in which the victim can lose a limb or part of it. Hedge trimmer accidents is one of the major cause of home owners visit to emergency rooms. The owners and users that work with hedge trimming machines are advised to read the safety precautions from the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer with the equipment before operating the machine.

Bystanders especially children and animals should not be allowed in area where Hedge trimmer is being used. Stop use when any one is passing by and start the machine only when the working area is clear and safe.

Always use personal protection safety equipment such as safety glasses or eye protection. Wear hearing protection to cancel out the high noise and reduce the chances of hearing loss. Always wear heavy duty, non-slip gloves. Wear sturdy long pants with durable boots for feet protection. Whenever possible wear a dust mask to inhibit inhalation of dust and debris.

Never wear loosely fitted clothes or short pants. Keep firm footing and balance. While running the equipment, never overreach. Overreaching can cause physical imbalanceand an avoidable injury. Never overdo cutting and do not cut branches approximately over 3 to 8 inches in thickness. Do not use hedge trimmer at night or in poor light conditions. Never trim directly above the head unless you are using a pole extension at an angle above your head. Cutting directly above the head puts you at a high risk of injury. If you are not using a length extension with your hedge trimmer, use a stable ladder. If the ground is soft and uneven as it is mostly the case, where hedge trimmer is used, in such a situation ask someone’s assistance to hold the ladder in place. Take frequent rests and avoid fatigue at all cost. Always Store your hedge trimmer in a safe place away from the reach of children.