When looking for a good planer kit for your woodworking tasks, it is always a good idea to read more about the product before making any purchases.


Take a little time off from your schedule and understand what the wood planer can do and can’t do. For Bosch 1594K, you can read more about its details below.

  • It is an electronic hand planer with a 3 and 1/4-inch width
  • It has a 2 blade system that includes ratcheting depth knob and chip ejection switch
  • Has a 6 ½ motor power that can generate 16,500 RPM
  • Easy adjustable bevel fence
  • Comes with a durable micro grain carbide blades
  • Package includes the planer, blade wrench, chip bag, bevel guide fence and a case

Not surprisingly, the Bosch 1594K is well-received by costumers, despite from a few who are dissatisfied with the product. While there are a few drawbacks received from various customers, you should also consider each one’s situation where the fault may be at the end of the user or simply shipping errors.


  • Excels in wide surfacing boards, installing doors and removing finishes
  • Easily changeable blades that are durable
  • Has a very strong motor that consistently performs
  • Quick response from a customer support to deal with malfunctioning product
  • Machine works great
  • Works well with hand boards and surfboards
  • A solid tool with an easy depth adjustment, functional dust bag and smooth cuts.
  • The depth adjustment required a strong force
  • Front and back sole plates are not parallel with the cutter-head
  • There are optional parts that can be purchased but with not enough information to purchase or order them

If you’re looking for a good electric hand planer, Bosch 1594K should be on top of your list. Although there are a few setbacks, it is still capable of smoothening out your wood surface at a timely manner.